floating shelves made in wood

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floating shelves made of wood

floating shelves made in wood. Sculptural, sustainable, handmade. A Danish Design. Made in Denmark by bente hovendal

Product Floating shelves made in wood.
Useful for.. Decoration, small books, magazines, candle lights.
Materials Ash, Douglas fir.
Dimensions Each piece L 28-40 cm. W 30-38 cm. H 6 cm.
The three shelves as pictured are in total L 155 cm.
Pprice According to specifications – EUR 175 / DKK 1500 a piece.

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As a part of the woodnwonder purchase, bente hovendal offers to make you follow the work in progress, by taking photos or videos from the very first cut. That way you can both feel safe and also satisfy your curiosity and excitement.

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