about woodnwonder

woodnwonder is:

sculptural, sustainable, handcrafted furniture. Unique and custom made to order.

A Danish design. Made in Denmark by bente hovendal, sculptor and furniture maker and designer.

woodnwonder is also:

– creative workshops in nature
– chainsaw courses for women – from June 2016 also for men
– speaks on entrepreneurship and creativity
– interior design, inspiration, ideas and special designs
– wood and granite sculpture
– land art, drawing and artistic decoration

bente designs and creates the furniture, crafted from locally grown wood, PEFC and FSC certified.

The lumber is cut with a chainsaw, then shaped and hand polished, which gives soul and personality to each piece of furniture.

The furniture is sturdy and usable while still holding remnants of the original life of the tree within the design.

Natural shapes stick out from the form, there may be cracks in the surfaces and traces of the use of the chainsaw. Every quirk becomes a part of the design and a wonder within the whole form.

All materials used in creating a piece of furniture, such as chainsaw oil, petrol and surface treatment, are environmentally friendly. woodnwonder strives to leave a minimal carbon footprint throughout all stages of the process.

A customer about woodnwonder:

“I had no doubt, that my house was calling for a woodnwonder!

A piece of furniture and artwork from bente’s hand is an organic and unique contribution to my life. When I look at my table, I’m reminded that life is alive and must be lived.

woodnwonder is a breath of organic aesthetics in everyday routines. The table presents itself as a functional sculpture that connects me with the outdoors”.  Birthe Hyldborg, August 2015

Back to the roots…

“Dressed in protective trousers and boots, visor and gloves, I start the chain saw.

I put hard against soft and let myself get carried away into the power, accuracy and sound. My senses are sharpened and my focus in gear. When the engine sound interacts with the elements of nature, I’m reminded of my mission and desire to creating yet another unique sculptural design.

The story in the wood. The flow in the veins. My creative intuition in combination with the sharpness of the saw, tightens my desire to create a balance between raw and round, solid and fragile, rustic and subtle.

When the frenetic sound of the chainsaw dies, wonder and joy are in its place. Solid planks are on an equal footing with crooked legs, together they form a plank table, a day bed or on their own, log stools. Others hang out as shelves or stand as sculptures holding hushed stories of nature’s dynamics and wonder.

As a child of the earth and a woman of the present, I have a mission to bring nature back to the people and into the very electronic, busy, indoor life.

The materials I work with have all had a good life and are transformed for human use with a gentle hand and with respect for nature and the cycle of life. There is a vibration and energy to the work, that brings in a positive influence on wellbeing, mindfulness and a connection to nature while adding to the high-tech, streamlined constructions of busy city life.

To create a contrast between calm and dynamic, I feel it is essential to combine materials and aesthetics. Bringing in wood, in addition to steel, iron, concrete and other manufactured materials, brings a special vibration and new perspectives to the constructed forms in interior environments.

Incredibly few of the things that really matter in people’s lives, are straight or solid shaped. Curves, shapes, wrinkles and quirky corners reveal the vitality that charms, attracts and impresses. I combine and create as many kinds of shapes and lines as possible within each piece of furniture. I can guarantee that none of them can be named as straight!

A woodnwonder is always quirky, full of cracks and shapes sticking out, with the intention to create the contrast and reflection necessary for any human beings wellbeing, awareness and development.

I would like my sculptural furniture to make a difference and to inspire new ways of seeing, being and living. It’s important what the users can add to it.

Back a bit more..

“My journey saw the first glimpse of daylight in 1997, when I was 37. It was first and foremost about a search for foothold and life visions. It was about conveying stories, transforming nature’s energies by using natural materials: wood, granite, land art.

In 2012, I found myself heading for a new direction. I wanted to transform all the qualities from the sculptures to more functional designs, custom made to order. The idea of a furniture design, started to slowly emerge. And I started emerging from being an artist to an artistic designer.

The transition from sculptor to also a functional designer has been smooth yet a learning proces. Many parameters must be considered and met when combining art with design and functionality. I’ts a successful transition with supervision and helping hands from highly skilled artisans. Each new woodnwonder brings along new skills, experiences and insights.

The idiom in the furniture is very much related to the sculptures – and vice versa.

Welcome – and fell free to contact me for questions or comments.